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Connecticut, USA

WordPress Themes and Plugins

"WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog." -

Why do I use WordPress? According to its founder, WordPress as of 2013 now powers a staggering 18.9% of the web. With a large code base and development community WordPress allows me to have more time to work with my clients to discover their needs.

Responsive Themes

Each and every theme developed for WordPress is Responsive at its core. This means no matter how large your screen is (PC to mobile) you can rest assured that your content will display as intended and quickly.

Go ahead and resize this page or view it on your mobile device to see how it works.
Intelligent Plugins

Each Plugin developed for WordPress is done so in the highest quality using web standards and future proofing.

Web Services

One of my core products is 99.9999% uptime Web Hosting and Concierge Domain Names. I've spent many many years testing servers, services and code to provide the maximum speed and uptime for your web site.